May 212011

Breakfast at Hotel: 405 baht

Two Bottles of Water: 20 Baht

One bottle of Coke: 25 baht

Bus from New Sukhothai to Old Sukhothai: 60 baht

Rental for Two Bicycles: 60 baht

Tickets for Central Part of Park: 220 baht

Lunch in Old Sukhothai (includes a large beer for 80 baht): 170 baht

Tickets for Western Part of Park: 220 baht

One Coke and One Bottle of Water: 25 baht

Taxi Back to New Sukhothai: 40 baht

Dinner at Hotel: 400 baht

One Large Beer: 79 baht

Laundry: 165 baht

One Night at Ruean Thai Hotel: 1200 baht

TOTAL: 3089

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