May 252011

Aiya is on the main drag in Mae Sot, right across the street from the Bai Fern Restaurant.

It appears to be run by some Burmese folks, given the number of Burmese dishes on the menu and the number of pictures of Aung San Suu Kyi hanging on the walls.

There are also many, many pictures of Che Guevara on the walls. Obviously, there’s a fondness for freedom fighters, which makes sense if you’re from Burma these days.

We had a tempura vegetable and tofu dish, a Burmese bean soup, and rice. All were good, with the tempura vegetable and tofu dish bordering on great.

The price was better than it’s neighbor across the street, at 260 baht with a large beer (180 baht without).

Of note, the Carpenters theme continued, along with some Bread and Bee Gees. The ’70s American soft rock theme continues.

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