Jun 052011

The Border is located about center mass of the roadway that cuts through Soppong. It’s a basic pub configuration – center bar, stools around that, tables around that. It’s a standard-for-these-parts, open-air configuration.

We went here because everything else was closed at 7:30pm on a Sunday evening. No one was inside at first, but the young bartender ran over enthusiastically from the other side of the roadway when we walked in. We may have been the first customers of the day. If you told me first customers of the week or month, I would have believed you.

We ordered some beer and a couple dishes with rice. I tried on some of my Thai vocabulary to order a curry dish with tofu substituted for meat, much to Jen’s chagrin, who thought I’d fail in the effort. But I passed the language test, and the curry dish was the winner of the two selections.

The food was surprisingly good. Even the vegetable stir fry was an improvement over others we’ve had so far.

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