Jun 052011

The actual restaurant is called Seven Elephants, but you will only see the hotel sign from the road.

We sampled four places in Soppong – the restaurant at the Little Eden Guesthouse, The Border Pub and Restaurant, a roadside food stall where we got some roadside-bad coffee, and this place. Four may not sound like much, but this is a one-horse town without much to offer other than a handful of eateries included in its hotels and guesthouses.

Based upon our limited sampling, but using a sufficient sampling to meet the norms of statistical analysis, we are declaring the restaurant at Soppong River Inn as being above the bell curve for Soppong.

The food was good all three times we were there. There were numerous local options, and many of these were vegan or vegetarian friendly. There is a Shan eggplant dish that is crazy good.

This restaurant does participate in the slightly-annoying Thai habit of putting on 70’s and early-80’s American music whenever we walk in the door. But at least they held back from playing The Carpenters.

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