Jun 052011

This place is located in the small town of Mae La Noi, Mae Hong Son Province, about thirty kilometers north of Mae Sariang in northwestern Thailand.

The name says “resort,” but that’s a bit of an overstatement. When I think of a resort, I think of an all-inclusive place with all the amenities to avoid leaving the resort – a mini-city of sorts. This is not that. Instead, it’s four rooms in a two-story building, plus a couple of bungalows, along with a common space building. Mixed in with this is housing and maintenance buildings used by the folks that work here. All of this is located in some farm fields just east of the main part of the town of Mae La Noi.

Don’t get me wrong…we liked this place…a lot. It was a nice accommodation at a good price (450 baht for a bungalow; 600 baht for an air conditioned room in the four-room building). Also, the folks that work here are fairly nice. Add to that the town of Mae La Noi, which is non-touristy, and the overall picture is pretty good.

Meals are not included, but the folks here will make you something to eat at a good price. They also arranged a motorbike for us (200 baht per day), and did our laundry at a down-right cheap price compared to other places we have stayed in Thailand.

The person who runs this joint – a long-haired young guy who speaks a bit of English – is apparently expanding the establishment. While we stayed here, the staff was busily working on adding a full restaurant.

Overall – for the quality, price, non-touristed location, and pleasant staff – this is one of the better places we stayed in Thailand.

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