Jun 052011

This is a simple recipe for something crazy good: unripened mango spears that you dip in a mixture of sugar, salt, and pepper.

Maybe it doesn’t sound like it would be that great, but it is.

Take an unripened mango, peel it, and cut it into spears. Put the spears on a serving plate.

In a serving bowl, mix course sea salt, raw sugar, and some freshly cracked pepper (equal amounts of salt and sugar; a sprinkling of pepper).

That’s it. Put the plate and bowl out on the table. You eat it by grabbing a spear and dipping the end into the spice mixture.

Sorry, we don’t have a picture We ate it too fast.

We were shown this stuff by King Noi in Mae La Noi.

By the way, Ma Moo-ahng Dip translates as “raw mango.”

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