Aug 282010

We love this stove.  It burns everything, uses little fuel, and heats water in no time.

An absolute winner.


An update to this review, written on September 18, 2015:

After four years of ownership: and many hours of use in Hawaii, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Bahamas, the California high desert, and the Sierras; the pump unit has started to leak fuel.  It leaks from the flow control valve. The stove still works, but fuel running out of the valve while flames are emitting from the burner is a bit unnerving. So, it is time for a new pump or a new stove. But this stove has done us good service; and it remains a great buy, even if this is the end of the fuel pump’s lifespan. (By the way, MSRP for a new fuel pump is $35.)


Another update, written on January 20, 2017:

Just finished using this stove — with a new fuel pump — during a month of backpacking and camping in New Zealand.  As always, it was a champ.  We used lamp oil, white gas, and gasoline.  It worked for all three.


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