Jun 142011

Cham Cha is located on the north end of Chiang Rai  along the river.

We went here after walking the town, and hoping to find something that was: 1) not stupidly expensive like everything in the tourist drag near the night market, and 2) frequented by locals.  We found this place to meet both criteria, although the English menu with pictures indicates it has seen it’s fair share of farangs (foreigners).

We got two standard offerings for vegetarians: stir fried vegetable mix and papaya salad. Along with that, we got the standard rice bowls, and a large Heineken thrown in the mix (they did not have Chang or Singha).

The food was good –  not remarkable, but good.

They had all the condiments out – prik nam som (hot pepper slices in vinegar); dried and crushed peppers; and a version of prik nam som I had not encountered before, but that was super.

We are condiment people, Jen and I.

Total cost for everything was 200 baht. That’s  reasonable.

If you stay in Chiang Rai, this is a place you can get a decent meal for a fair price.

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