Jun 142011

Three things made this day uniquely expensive: a motorbike flat,  getting some allergy meds for Jen, and a pricey hotel room.

Pineapple: 10 baht

Beggar: 5 baht (she was singing pretty well)

Lunch: 200 baht

Motorbike Rental: 220 baht

Gas for Motorbike: 115 baht

Flat Tire Repair: 150 baht

Coke and Chips: 37 baht

Gum and Coffee Mate: 73 baht

Nasal Spray and Eye Drops: 1035 baht

Dinner: 340 baht

Two Bottles of Beer: 86 baht

Room at Laluna Hotel: 1800 baht

TOTAL: 4071 baht

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