Jun 142011

Pai River Corner is located on the river, in the tourist epicenter of Pai – right by all the restaurants and bars and tattoo parlors and massage joints and trinket shops. That doesn’t mean it’s noisy or lacks a sense of privacy. It just means that it’s located where the tourists are most concentrated. Not necessarily a bad thing in Pai.

The hotel consists of several buildings with various types of rooms. Ours had air conditioning, a fridge, and a Western style bathroom. It also had bug screen, although that didn’t prevent a bug invasion at night (very much the standard, with our without bug screen).

It also has a pool, bar, and restaurant service; and includes a breakfast with the room. They provide laundry service (80 baht per kilo, which is pricey); and they provide free shuttle to the  airfield.

It’s an upscale place by the standards of Pai, and northern Thailand in general.  Lonely Planet categorizes it as top end.

The room was nice.  The furnishings are solid wood. There was some remodeling going on while we were there – security cameras and bathroom upgrades – but it wasn’t much of an inconvenience.  We had a leak from our bathroom sink water supply line, which they promptly fixed once notified.

Why did we choose this place?  Because it’s just pricey enough to not have to be surrounded by the loads of young Western tourists that inhabit the cheaper places.

Overall, not a bad choice. You can pay the same – or more – and get something lesser.

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