Jun 142011

We both got a two-hour, full-body, traditional Thai massage at this place. That means that we were wearing provided clothing, no oils were applied, and we got our asses kicked by girls who threw their full weight behind their elbows.

It cost 350 baht for each of us.

Jen thought it was a pretty good massage, and she has more background than me to make that judgement. So, it’s worth going here.

Because it’s the off season, we had the luxury of being the only customers.  This meant we didn’t have to share the group massage room (several floor mats in a single space).

This is not a dive, like most of the other roadside massage joints in Pai seem to be. It’s professionally run by an older couple that are apparently formally trained in Thai massage, although it was two of their employees who delivered the ass kicking.

The one annoyance was that the woman working me over took three cell phone calls while the massage was ongoing. If I went there again, I’d address this issue upfront.

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