Jun 252011

The Lattanavongsa Guest House is one of several guesthouses in Muang Ngoi, a small town accessible only by boat via a 1-1/4 hour ride upriver from Nong Khiaw.

This guesthouse operation consists of an open-air restaurant near the water with a river view, and a group of a dozen or so bungalows about 50 meters farther in from the water.

The bungalows are straight-forward affairs – square main rooms, the hard beds that are standard in Thailand and Laos, two windows with bug screens, door with bug screen, porch with table and two chairs, attached bathroom with Western toilet and standard water closet arrangement (meaning the shower, toilet, and all are in the same space). There’s no air conditioning, fan, or fridge; as the town only provides generator electricity for three hours a day, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. It’s an overall clean place. Based upon what else we saw, it may be the best option going in Muang Ngoi.

The bungalows are situated around a common grass area, although you should not take this to mean it’s a private compound, as it is not. Probably nothing in Muang Ngoi qualifies as private.

The restaurant is the only place at which we ate while in Muang Ngoi. It seemed like folks staying at other guesthouses came here to eat, and we saw no place that looked more appealing, so we didn’t stray.

The dinner food was decent, with the papaya salad and vegetable curry we had one night being very good. The breakfast was hit and miss, with the omelet being bad, the coffee kinda sad, and the bread a small baguette.

Breakfast is not included with the room, and meals will will likely cost you more than rent.

We paid 50,000 Kip a night for our room (about $6.25 US a night). That’s pricey in Muang Ngoi, but I guess you gotta live it up every now and then.

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