Jul 182011

We stayed at this hotel after a long day of driving, and just wanted some place to stop for the night. Whether it is a good or bad selection for Surin is not something to which we can speak, as we didn’t search further.

The hotel complex consists of a main, five-story building comtaining the lobby and rooms; a pool out back; and a separate restaurant building. The hotel is inexplicably located next to the city bus station.

The room had a.bathroom with self-flushing Western toilet, queen bed, small balcony, small refrigerator, and tile floors. It smelled a bit musty when we checked in, but aired out eventually. Wireless internet access was included, but it was intermittent at best.

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant was included, which was the typical-for-these-parts buffet deal with eggs-to-order station. We also had dinner at the hotel restaurant, ordering spaghetti with tomato sauce. It was one of the worst meals I’ve ever had, tasting like ketchup. Never order Italian in Thailand.

We paid 900 baht for a standard room, which is in the somewhat pricey range for Thailand overall.


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