Jul 182011

The Pullman Hotel is an upper-end hotel for this part of Thailand. Anyone who has stayed in a Marriott in a major US city would be familiar. The accommodations were on par with four-star standards.

So, if you are willing to shell out more money than you would for most any other hotel outside of Bangkok, you at least won’t have to be concerned it will suck.

As for me, after staying in bungalows and guesthouses totally lacking in this kind of climate-controlled sterility, I became a bit claustrophobic staying in an eleventh-floor box. Just to go outside, I had to negotiate a hallway, an elevator, a massive lobby, and then smile and wave at the very-large staff. This was not the normal, walk-out-the-door-and-grab-a-beer situation to which I had become accustomed.

Nonetheless. if you are an American looking for a four-star establishment, this is your target.

But that will not stop me from continuing to be critical…

The place claims to have its own micro-brewed beer. We tried it. It sucked. Jen called it “conflicted.” I am a beer snob who home-brewed for years, and I call it shit.

It’s also an obvious throw-down spot for moneyed Western guys and their Thai working girls. We saw a handful of white dudes with under-dressed Thai girls on their arms. There were also strawberry-flavored condoms included in the minibar selection, which is a first for us.

Which makes you wonder…

Just how did they select that as the condom-of-choice for a top-end hotel mini bar? Did they take a poll? Is it the type most requested of their concierge?

I didn’t check the condom size, but I suspect it was petite.

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