Aug 152011

This hotel is located on the main highway through Kompong Chhnang (NH 5), toward the southern end of town.

Because it’s on the highway, and lacks much in the way of sound insulation, it’s a pretty noisy place. The sounds of the street – people, motorbikes, vehicles, incessant horn honking – and of neighboring rooms fill your space like there aren’t any walls at all.

The rooms are all the same. We got one on the third floor. It was a basic box room with a double bed, standard furnishings, tile floors, air conditioning, and a small water closet style bathroom with Western toilet. There was no refrigerator. Wi-fi Internet access extended to the room, but it was slow; add in frequent power losses, and it was crap.

The restaurant was not all that good. We had a Khmer curry soup that tasted and smelled like it had manure as one of it’s components (no, really…I am not exaggerating). We also had a tom yum soup that was so salted it was almost inedible (although it did beat hell outta cow pie curry).

The Lonely Planet guide says this hotel is, “…clean, well-run, and well-kept.” I think they are being a little free with their praise.

So, why did we plant here for our two nights in Kompong Chhnang? Because after looking at two other places, we decided it was the lesser evil, in that it was actually clean.

Do we recommend this place? Not anymore than we recommend tooth extraction. But, sometimes you gotta get a tooth pulled, and then we say go to the dentist that inflicts the least pain.







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