Aug 152011

This hotel is located on the Mekong riverfront, in a small strip of hotels.

It’s a four story affair, with three grades of room. We stayed in the upper grade of room, on the third floor, which cost us US $25 a night.

The room had a king bed, air conditioning, television, small refrigerator, and a usable balcony facing the Mekong. The bathroom was a Western design, including a bathtub (the only downside being the five gallon reservoir water heater, which once left us a bit short on the hot stuff).

The room was fairly well constructed, with tile flooring and clean walls. It was fairly large, with high ceilings. The room was clean overall.

The furnishings were…well…ornate (as Jen would say, “ornate” being a euphemism for gaudy). If you like carved wood that is heavily varnished, and ornamental curtains, then this is your kind of place. Nonetheless, it’s a nice upgrade from a lot of places we’ve stayed.

There is a hot water pot for coffee, but curiously the hotel only provided one coffee setup over the four nights we were there (we wrestled over the single cup of coffee, and Jen won).  They were equally stingy with the hand towels, which gradually disappeared as the days progressed.

Like most places in Laos and Cambodia, the Internet was sketchy. The first night, the wi-fi signal only extended to the lobby. The second night, it made it to our room, but the speed was excruciatingly slow. It was enough to check e-mail, but not much more.

The room was not exactly quiet, in that we could hear furniture being moved in the room above us, and some street noise from the riverfront. However, it was not excessive, and we slept well.

By the way, the bed was a no-kidding king – not two twins pushed together. That’s a rarity for our travels. I didn’t have to sleep on a seam. Fantastic.

Most of the guests at the hotel were Cambodian. That’s also unique for our travels in Laos and Cambodia, where Westerners tend to be the primary customer base.

We prefer bungalows over hotels; but as hotels go, this one ain’t so bad.









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