Oct 262011

After leaving Darwin, we had to spend the night in Singapore before catching our flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Crowne Plaza Changi Hotel

We decided to stay at the Crowne Plaza Changi Hotel, which is the main airport hotel. It was pricey, at about US $320 a night; but after four weeks in an Australian campervan it was worth every dollar.

The hotel was clean and neat, with a modern style to its design and furnishings. The room was a solid four star accommodation, with king bed, sofa, large shower, and a large separate tub.

We had the breakfast buffet in the morning. It was decent, but not spectacular; and pricey at about US $25 per person.

The hotel is easily accessed from the airport’s Terminal Three. You really never leave the airport to get to it.

Overall, if you’re stuck with an overnight layover, this hotel is a convenient option. If you are stuck for more than one night, however, it would probably be worth heading into town, where there is a wider range of hotel and dining options, many at lesser cost.

Singapore’s Changi Airport

This is the most pleasant airport I have ever been in. It’s clean, modern, and doesn’t feel crowded. There are free Internet access areas. It has more shops than a full-blown mall, but without the crowds and stress. Even the fire hose stations are attractive.

Entry into Singapore through Immigrations was easy. The customs process was almost an honor system. Everyone was pleasant. The whole entry took just minutes.

Departure was also crazy easy. The security screening took seconds, and immigrations was equally fast. There were lots of folks dedicated to guiding you from place to place.

After the discomfort of Australia, I felt like I could live at the Changi Airport.


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