Nov 242011

Cafe Moi Moi is located in a group of buildings on the road to the ticket booth for the Angkor temples, just a short distance from the ticket booth and park entrance.

We stopped here for lunch. The only other customers were a few Japanese tourists.

We ordered a mushroom dish cooked in banana leaves, an eggplant dish, fried morning glory, rice, a large bottle of water, and two large bottle is Singha beer.

The food was good. The fried morning glory was particularly good, with a heavy dose of hot peppers and garlic, just like it should be made.

The service was friendly and attentive.

The cost was $18.50, which is pricey. But, then again, we did have two large bottles of Singha ($6 of the bill), and a third dish which was one too many (another $3.50 of the bill).

This isn’t an inspirational culinary destination, but it’s good enough – particularly when compared to the alternatives – that we would go here again.













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