Nov 242011

We went to Thai Thai for lunch, having seen it several times. It’s off Airport Road, close to the intersection of that road and the main road to Angkor Wat. This intersection also has a convenience store with colors and logo that look a lot like those of the 7/11 chain.

We initially ordered items vegetarian items on the menu that included tofu. Then we were told thy had no tofu, so we had to switch to a vegetable stir fry and vegetable tom yam soup. We also tried ordering papaya salad without fish sauce, but were told they couldn’t make it; and a fresh coconut, but were told they didn’t have any.

Of course, all the news on what they didn’t have or couldn’t do was delivered with a smile and apologies. I am not trying to be sarcastic here, as the wait staff was very friendly.

The food was OK. Not bad, but not great. Just something to eat for lunch. The portions were good sized.

We also had a large Singha beer, a large bottle of water, and two servings of rice.

The total cost for the lunch was US $11.50.

Overall, it’s an unremarkable place. I wouldn’t say, “Don’t go there;” but I also wouldn’t say you should.

For the cost, there are better places to eat in Siem Reap – which I guess is a bit of a damning statement about Thai Thai Restaurant, as we have yet to find anything approaching a truly good restaurant in Siem Reap.









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