Dec 022011

Le Grande Cafe is located on street corner, right across from the Psar Chaa market. It’s a two-story establishment, with balcony seating upstairs.

This is an attractive joint, that looks a little high-brow, particularly when compared with its neighboring establishments. Everything is all clean and shiny and Western, right down to the uniforms worn by the wait staff. It’s old-school fancy, more 1911 than 2011.

We had lunch here, both of us ordering a falafel sandwich. When it came, it looked less like a falafel sandwich than a falafel salad on a fancily-folded tortilla. It wasn’t that good in the taste category.

The quality of the sandwich had been sacrificed on the altar of presentation. Perhaps it was a metaphor for the restaurant itself? Can’t tell from a sample of one, but the thought was inescapable.








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