Jan 012012

This is one of many, many restaurants near the bullfighting arena and the Plaza del Socorro. It is located between the two, on Calle Espinel.

We had lunch here twice, during which we ordered both a pizza and a vegetarian paella. It was the paella that drew us in both times, as vegetarian options can be a hard find in a country known for its meats, and a city known for it bullfighting.

The paella seemed pretty good to us, although we have not had prior paella experience, so we have no yardstick for measurement. The pizza was marginal.

Prices seemed about par for Ronda, with a lunch for two, water, and a beer running in the mid-twenties of euros.

The staff was friendly on both occasions.

Overall, it’s not a phenomenal culinary find, but it’s an acceptable place to grab lunch.

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