Feb 162012

This piece of equipment is a huge winner.

It is not just a shower. We have also used it as a water bucket (for drinking water filtration and putting out fires) and as a wash basin for our clothes.

It folds up into a very compact case, and weighs almost nothing.

As a sun shower, it doesn’t warm water very quickly when left in sunlight – but I’ve never seen a sun shower that does. For a warm shower, we found that pouring two liters of boiling water into a full bag works well.



Update to this review, written on September 18, 2015:

We have now owned the same Sea to Summit sun shower for four years. It has served us hiking in Australia, kayaking in the Bahamas, and camping and backpacking in the Sierra Nevadas.  We have used it for showering, and for things it was not intended, like washing clothes and dishes. We have used as much as a collapsible bucket as a shower.  When we were impatient with solar heating, we dumped boiling pots of water into it to get things moving.  It has been abused.

And now, it is finally starting to leak at the valve.  A slow leak, but still a leak.

Overall, this has been a great purchase. Its size, weight, and multi-purpose utility have made it a winner. We only hope it will suffer through more and last a bit longer, but it has already done more than we had a right to ask of it. We will buy another when this one can no longer hold any water at all.  Until then, this great piece of gear soldiers on.


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