Feb 162012

This pale ale is actually brewed by Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company in Mississippi, on behalf of Bayou Teche Brewing.

It’s a malty pale ale, and the taste of the specialty grains stands out. It’s a worthwhile beer, although I prefer a bit more hops bitterness in this style of brew. Nonetheless, it’s decent enough.

Some beer folks will really like this, so I’ll give it a, “Buy It, Drink It,” though that’s a close call.

But then again, I’ve said better of some lesser beers in other countries, due to lack of alternatives. So, “Buy It, Drink It” is a fair call, although I would still like some more bitterness to balance it out.

Did I use “although” and “though” enough in this review?

I am very happy that microbreweries have broken out in Louisiana and Mississippi. Just a few years ago, that was not the case at all.

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