Mar 222012

Well, here’s a recent find! It’s a never-released song by the Refractory Road Band, from the dark days of the break-up before the break-up. We just found it in the attic of a sister-in-law of one of the band members.

The story goes like this…

The lead singer left the country for several months. She was trying to find herself in Eastern religion, having been inspired by stories of The Beatles. One rumor has her giving birth to the love child of an Indian yogi, but that has never been confirmed.

The singer’s absence put the rest of the band in neutral, because the guitarist and the bassist and the drummer couldn’t sing for shit. They could barely play their own instruments. But they still got together and recorded some instrumentals in the guitarist’s mother’s garage, while waiting for the singer’s return. This is one of those recordings.

It’s named after the drummer’s brother. He was a mentally-challenged kid named Jimi, who rode the short bus to school and listened to heavy metal through a Sony Walkman taped to his bicycle helmet.

When the singer got back and listened to this song, she was just plain pissed. As she put it, she wasn’t going to be part of “no muther-f**kin’ Black Sabbath 2,” and she wasn’t going to be “no muther-f**kin’ Ozzy Osbourne with tits.” No one had a problem understanding what she said, although both the bassist and the drummer thought that Ozzy Osbourne had some pretty nice man breasts.

So, the band got back to playing songs about things they knew, like trailer park whores on meth.

Push the play button to listen.

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