Mar 222012

Well, we found another of the band’s recordings in the attic.

This one is really a vocal — no instruments. The lead singer managed to record the guitarist’s rant one day, as he was being swarmed by flies during the band’s tour of Australia. As a joke, the drummer and the bassist helped her build a little ditty around the rant.

After another four weeks playing in coastal mining towns, swerving to avoid kangaroo road kill, trying not to get killed by semi trucks towing five and six trailers of ore at a time, paying five dollars for a crappy cup of coffee, paying twenty-five dollars for a breakfast of toast and canned baked beans, paying eight dollars for beer that made Bud Light look like something decent, and being eaten by swarms of flies and mosquitoes…Well, the song was no longer a joke.

When the tour was over, it had cost the band more money than they had made.

To this day, none of the former band members will enter an Outback Steakhouse or watch a Mel Gibson movie, although they all agree that The Road Warrior is a pretty accurate depiction of the Australian continent.

Push the play button to listen.

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