Sep 152012

We had grown tired of blowing up our NeoAir sleeping mattresses by mouth.  We had hyper-ventilated.  We had become dizzy.  We had fallen down.  So, for about US $30, we decided to give the NeoAir Pump Sack a try.

Bottom line up front: The NeoAir Pump Sack is better than hyper-ventilation.

The sack is just that — a sack.  At the bottom is a clear vinyl orifice that fits over the valve of the NeoAir mattress.  After attaching the two, you go through various gyrations to get some air into the sack, close it off, and push the captured air into the mattress.  If the wind is blowing, it is easy — just hold the open end to the wind and let it fill, then roll and close, then squeeze.  If there is no wind, you get to try your hand at scooping maneuvers to fill the bag with enough air to make it worth your while. It can be comical and therefore entertaining for onlookers.

Once the mattress is as inflated as the sack can possibly inflate it, you will still have to blow by mouth just a touch to finish things off.  No free rides, don’t ya’ know.

With wind, it takes us about three sack-fulls of air to fill a mattress to the mouth-finishing point.  Without wind, it takes a few more.

Our kayak bilge pump is capable of filling our mattresses, and I am torn between it and the NeoAir Pump Sack, although I suspect the Pump Sack will be going with us on our next excursion.

NeoAir Pump Sack:  It’s better than hyper-ventilation.


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