May 012014

Tina's Garden GourmetWhat is it about Thai food and the Big Island?  Volcano, Pahoa, Hilo, food trucks on the side of the roads… Thai eateries seem to be everywhere.

Tina’s Garden Gourmet Cafe is another restaurant that serves Thai food.  It is located in the old part of Hilo; in a row of small shops, eateries, and markets.  We happened into it while looking for a vegan-friendly place to eat lunch.

It was a good find.

We had tom yum that was exceptionally good, and true to this classic Thai soup.  We also had a som tom (papaya salad) that was good, and that was served with coconut rice.  The portions were large, leaving a dinner’s-worth of tom yum to take home.

Many other Thai dishes are on the menu, including options with seafood and meat for the non-vegan.

At another table, we overheard two repeat customers wax-on about how much they love Tina’s.  We think their affections are well-placed.  Tina’s Garden Gourmet Cafe is an establishment we will visit again, and a recommended stop for anyone visiting Hilo.

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