Sep 192015

Eureka Copper Canyon 12 TentThis is a big and heavy tent, suitable for car/truck camping, and car/truck camping only.  And that is the purpose for which we bought it.

The tent is 168 square foot in size, and almost 39 pounds in weight.  The interior can be divided into two rooms, each with its own entrance, using a detachable fabric wall.  It is double-walled, in that there is a separate canopy that covers the tent to keep out rain.  Under this canopy, the main structure has lots of zip-up windows and no-see-um screening, making it airy when needed.  There are zippered access points for hoses and cables, and we have used these for a propane tent heater (Eureka’s tags have the standard warnings against any heat source inside the tent, of course).

Despite the size and weight of the tent, the two of us can leisurely assemble it in under 30 minutes.

The tent is structurally sound.  We used it in a canyon during high winds, and it endured without complaint.

After three weeks of cumulative use in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, here are the weaknesses we found:
– The pegs that come with the tent are crap. They are the standard, bent-wire pegs that last for a use or two before they are bent out of shape, beyond all repair.  Anyone buying this tent should invest in some real and manly tent pegs.
– A hole developed in the canopy. We repaired it with Type A Tear-Aid.
– The tub — the floor of the tent — is made with the same thin material as the walls.  Tears have developed, which we also repaired with Tear-Aid.   We recommend using not just a footprint, but also an interior tarp to avoid tearing.  To the manufacturer, we say: If you are making a tent of this size and weight, don’t skimp on the tub material; add that extra poundage and install something truly durable.
– We experienced minor leakage in the tub and canopy during a rain storm.  Some of this was due to the canopy hole mentioned above.  Some was due to seam leakage.  The manufacturer taped many of the major seams, but others should still be treated with seam sealer after purchase.

Overall, the tent has met our requirements and expectations.  We wanted a tent condo; and we have outfitted it with an inflatable, queen-size mattress, a folding table and chairs, and a tent heater.  We are camping in relative luxury.

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