Oct 072015

Cambodia and Thailand III PSSD780IS-071We purchased this folding solar panel in 2011, before an extended trip through Southeast Asia, Australia, and Spain.  We acquired it as part of a portable power solution for cameras, a laptop computer, and our iPhones.  It worked well. (The panel is the folded-up, big, black thing in the upper center of the photograph.)

After that trip, we used it on a three-week kayaking trip in the Bahama’s Exuma Cays, and truck camping trips in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Then, in 2015, the solar panel died during a backpacking trip in California’s Emigrant Wilderness.

After that trip, we contacted Brunton.  The company has a warranty policy that claims to repair or replace its products for any reason, for life.  Tall claim, but in the case of Brunton, it is more than just words.  We sent back the failed panel, and they sent us a brand-new panel in its stead.  Fantastic!

These panels aren’t cheap, but with a warranty like that, they are worth every penny.  Brunton now has loyal customers in us.


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