Dec 222015

US Money







Public boat from Peleliu to Koror: US $37.00 (US $15.00 each person, plus luggage fees)
Breakfast at Penthouse Hotel: US $30.00 (includes US $6.00 tip)
Taxi to Penthouse Hotel from Koror boat landing: US $7.00 (includes a US $2.00 tip)
Taxi to Marine Resources Department: US $5.00
Fee for government shell permits: US $15.00
Beer at Penthouse Hotel: US $12.00
Lunch at Penthouse Hotel: US $15.40
Room at Penthouse Hotel to Rest While Awaiting Flight: US $109.20
Shuttle from hotel to airport: US $30.00
Palau Government “Green Fee” and departure tax: US $100.00 (US $20.00 each departure tax, plus US $30.00 each “green fee”)
Baggage tips: US $5.00
Airport parking at LAX: US $204.00
Water bought at Peleliu hotel during stay: US $14.00

TOTAL: US $583.60

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