Dec 292015

The Taj Restaurant is located on the main street of Koror, on the second-floor end of a two story building. It is an Indian food restaurant. We were drawn by the vegan-friendly dishes that are typically offered by Indian restaurants.

We ate in the restaurant twice, ordered take-home once, and then ordered delivery. The quality of the food was good, although under-spiced for Indian cuisine — perhaps an accommodation for typical tourist palates. The quantity was also good, requiring take-home boxes when we had two main dishes while dining in the restaurant.

The price was on-par with the United States. We paid US $41.50 — not including tip — for two vegetarian main dishes, two orders of nan, an order of rice, and one local draft beer. This exceeded what two people can eat in one sitting; we could have gotten by with one main dish and one order of nan.

The Taj Restaurant is the only place where we encountered Palua’s Red Rooster Beer in Wheat form, which was the only reasonably drinkable offering of that brewery.

Overall, we found the Taj to be decent. When we return to Palau, we will dine here again.

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