Dec 292015

Paradise Cove is located on the north end of Palau’s largest island, Babeldaob, on the eastern shore of the Arekalong Peninsula. There is a sign on the east side of the “compact road” that runs up the peninsula (“compact road” being the local title for the hard-surfaced, main roads), some seven miles north of the “compact road” that rings Babeldaob. Turn right (east) at the sign, and then turn left where the dirt road splits.

We were driving around Babeldaob, trying to find a beach to hang-out on. Paradise Cove has the best beach we found — at least it was the best beach we could find using a two-wheel-drive rental car. We did not stay the night here, but we used their facilities on two consecutive days. We ate lunch here one day, and we used the beach both days.

The positives of Paradise Cove are that the beach and water are nice, the grounds are well-maintained, and the staff is friendly; and, while we did not see inside them, the bungalows look inviting.

The negatives are the remote location, which puts you at the mercy of the establishment and the nickel-and-dime, excessive costs that we encountered. We had a basic sandwich lunch, which was mediocre in quality and quantity, and cost us US $44.80. As people not staying in a bungalow, we were charged US $10 each to use the beach, each day; and US $5 for a beach towel.

We would never stay here. Yes, the beach is nice; but its’ a long drive from Paradise Cove to Koror, which forces reliance on one not-so-good restaurant. You could, of course, rent a car and drive an hour each way to Koror; but that would get really old, really fast. One food source, mediocre quality, a charge for everything…all that is just too restrictive for us.

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