Apr 182016

Virgin Islands Amber AleThis is beer is labeled as a “Small Batch Seasonal Series,” brewed by St. John Brewers of St. John Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The beer falls short.

When first poured, it was obviously flat.  Lack of carbonation is a trend I have noticed with beers from this brewer.  I am frankly surprised this beer made it out of the brewery and onto the shelf.  Whenever I have brewed a beer of my own that was this flat, I considered it a failure.  Where is the quality control?

My first quaff had an initial, balanced flavor in-line with an amber ale; but then the flavor was lost.  Within seconds, it was like drinking a mildly-flavored water.

The bottle says that the alcohol content is 5.5%.  I doubt this.  The lack of body argues against enough malt in the wort to have the potential for this percentage, and I felt no impact at all from alcohol as I finished it.  I would like to see the specific gravity readings that equate to 5.5%.

A lighter beer with flavor and body is a good idea for the Caribbean, but this is not a beer that realizes the idea.  It is, as I said, a mildly-flavored, lightly-alcoholic, still-water brew.  Corona has more character.

We give this beer a rating of “Pour it Down the Sink”.

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