Aug 132010

Kalypso Restaurant
5-5156 Kuhio Highway
Hanalei, HI 96714

Foodies: Jen and Dan



French Fries

Onion Rings

Taro Burgers

Over all experience:

Part One:
Our first night on the North Shore of Kauai was interesting to put it mildly. The first place we tried to eat was this place called Kalypso. We thought we had been lucky in our search for food because it was the first place we stopped and lo and behold! Taro Burgers! Yay! We were seated at a small table outside with a view of the town. We immediately ordered a couple of beers. When the waitress came to take our order we were informed that their Taro patties were made locally and they had run out! Because we were freaking starving we ordered french fries and onion rings, finished our beers and set out to locate FOOD!

We stopped at several restaurants to pursue menu’s, the places that had stuff we might have eaten were all sold out!! WTF! This leads me to believe that someone needs to open a veg restaurant in Hanalei!!! Like NOW!

Part Two:
On our last day on the North Shore we decided to check in at Kalypso to see if they had received a new batch of Taro patties, which they had. Once again we were seated outside but this time our table was located on the side of the building where we could watch and feed the chickens! The blurred photo below is of a chicken streaking across the floor of the restaurant. I found it very entertaining to watch the waitstaff chase chickens out of the dining area.
The Taro Burgers… The patties themselves were tasteless but all the fixings made it pretty darn good.

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