Jul 312010

Polynesia Cafe
5-5190 Kuhio Highway
Hanalei, HI 96714

Foodies: Jen and Dan

Ordered: Vegetable Fajitas and Tofu Curry

I just read on the home page of the Polynesia Cafe that owners opened up their restaurant to “live their dream of opening a tropical restaurant and making people happy with good food.” OMG! You guys failed miserably! I checked out the reviews for this place and they have a 4 star rating!!!! WHAT?!!! You have to be kidding me! They must have had their friends write in good reviews because the place was a disaster from the floor up!

Ok, let me tell you what this place is really like….
The food; unpalatable, unappetizing, unappealing, unsavory, inedible, uneatable; disgusting, rancid, revolting, nauseating, tasteless, flavorless, gross. I took one bite of my “entree” and spit it out! I tasted Dan’s and it was just as bad!

The service: What service?

The location: Hard to find, tucked away behind other businesses.

The “restaurant”: Felt like a drive in theater style concession stand: unclean sticky floors, high traffic mess.  The food is served to you on a paper plate with plastic utensils.

Overall; this place sucks! Avoid it at all cost! Nothing redeeming about this place…nothing!

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