Jan 152017



Dunsandel Store is located on Highway 1 in the town of Dunsandel, about 30 minutes southwest of Christchurch.  We stopped here twice while driving to and from Christchurch.  One stop was a breakfast, the other a lunch.

The restaurant had vegetarian options, but no vegan options.

For breakfast, we had omelettes.  They were very good, perhaps made better by extreme hunger.  We also had soy cappuccinos, which were good.

For lunch, we had fish-and-chips and a chef salad.  They weren’t particularly good, which challenged our earlier, breakfast impression.  Again, perhaps this was colored by hunger.

Overall, we think the best thing about Dunsandel Store is its location, which is hard to miss as you drive to or from Christchurch.  We had mixed experiences with the quality of the food, so we’ll rank that as decent but unremarkable.

Should you stop here?  Well, it’s the only reasonable option we spotted along that stretch of Highway 1, so necessity might say “yes.”  You may not be impressed, but you probably also won’t be completely disappointed — it’s a middling kind of place.

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