Jan 182017

We came to this restaurant after an internet search for Indian restaurants near the Hotel Montreal.  We targeted Indian restaurants because they usually offer vegetarian dishes.

We ordered the vegetarian banquet for two, which had appetizers, three main dishes, rice, and dessert. We stopped eating halfway through the main dishes.  There was too much food to eat at one sitting, and we took the rest to the hotel in to-go containers.

The quantity was great, but the quality was not. The dishes lacked the flavor complexity found in good Indian cuisine. It also lacked spice and heat. For Indian food, it was bland.

When we got back to the hotel, we both felt heavy. Some of this was probably due to the amount we ate, but it was also due to the quality of the food. It just didn’t feel clean.

Himalayas Restaurant wasn’t terrible, but we wouldn’t eat here again.

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