Jan 182017

This is a tiny place in the town of Oban.

A young man and an older women run the place. He takes orders and runs the register. She cooks. Both are very nice.

The restaurant does what it says: it makes crepes. It also makes omelettes using the crepe machine, and it brews coffee.

We visited once for breakfast, ordering omelettes and soy cappuccinos. Both were very good. At NZ $60, the meal was a bit expensive for New Zealand in general, but competitive for Stewart Island.

The Kiwi-French Crepery offers a nice diversion from the South Sea Hotel’s restaurant, which appears to dominate Oban’s eating and drinking scene. Our principal criticism of the crepery is its unpredictable hours.  We never saw operating hours posted on the property, and the lights were rarely on. If we had known its hours, we would have visited more than once.

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