Jan 182017


We had just hiked 7-1/2 miles from the town of Alexandra and wanted lunch before hiking back. We looked at the handful of restaurants in downtown Clyde and settled on the Bank Cafe. It’s an attractive little cafe and coffee shop with indoor and outdoor seating.

We ordered two falafel wraps and a ginger beer. The wraps were not very good. They had a sweet, Asian-style salad dressing in them — the same stuff we had encountered on so-called vegetarian nachos at two other New Zealand restaurants. This dressing tends to ruin everything it touches.

Would we visit the Bank Cafe again? Maybe. The downtown area of Clyde is nice, and the cafe’s outdoor seating is the perfect spot on a sunny day. That would bring us back for a coffee, and we might even try something else to eat.

But we would definitely not have more falafel wraps.

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