Jan 182017

We arrived at Invercargill long before the departure of our flight to Stewart Island. With time to burn, we looked for a place to eat a late lunch. After failing to find something by driving around Invercargill, we decided to just drive past the airport and see what we found in the next town.

A few minutes past the airport, we spotted Ziff’s Cafe and Bar. It looked decent enough, so we pulled over and went inside — to a restaurant your grandparents decorated with dark woods.

Dark decor aside, Ziff’s was clean, the staff was nice, and the food was decent. We split a gluten-free vegetarian burger, which had an actual patty inside and tasted good. Dan also had a good, draft IPA made by an Invergcargill brewery.  There were several locals eating in the restaurant, which is always a good indication.

If you are heading in or out of the Invercargill airport and have some time to eat, head just a few kilometers west, down Dunns Road, and try Ziff’s Cafe and Bar. You’ll get a good meal for a reasonable price.

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