Jun 272010

Portobello Vegan Trattoria
1125 SE Division
Portland OR 97214

Foodies: Jocelyn and Jen

Ordered: Truffle mushroom pate and accouterments.

Smoked tomato sausage and cheese lasagna, tomato basil sauce, cashew besciamela.

Strawberry cheese cake with shortbread crust and strawberry sauce.

Toasted polenta-sour cream poundcake with cherry coconut bliss, amarena cherries, and macona almonds.

Over all experience:
Ok this is by far the best vegan restaurant in Portland. I have visited Portland several times and have always been impresses by it’s vegan friendliness. Vegan restaurants are easy to find in Portland and usually pretty good eats!!

The truffle mushroom pate was reminiscent of real pate. Which creeped me out at first but then I remembered that it was mushrooms! Super yummy!
The lasagna was hands down the best lasagna I have ever had, vegan or otherwise. The flavor of this dish is spectacular! Very creamy cashew besciamela. Perfectly balanced! I didn’t want to stop eating and was disappointed when it was gone.

The strawberry cheese cake was good but not the best. The polenta pound cake on the other hand was out of this world! Who knew you could make a pound cake out of polenta? And who knew that it would be incredible?

I have a list of the top 3 vegan restaurants I have been to, Portobello is now number 1.

The list…
1. Portobello – Portland OR
2. Ravens’ Restaurant – Mendocino CA
3. Millennium – San Francisco CA

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