Apr 032010

Firefly: 4288 24th Street, San Francisco CA

Eaters: Jen and Dan

Meal: Dinner

Price: Moderate

What we ate:


Local Delta Asparagus Salad with Salt Water Vinaigrette, Walnuts and Slow Poached Egg – HOLD THE EGG!!

Griddled Garbanzo Panisse with Meyer Lemon “Aioli”, Asparagus, Moroccan Black Olives and Crispy Artichokes


Lola Rosa Salad with Kumquat Vinaigrette, Fines Herbes and Roasted Red Beets

Roasted Irish Sea Trout with Asparagus, Pea Leaves, Toasted Nori and Creamy Lemon–Sesame Vinaigrette

Overall Experience: Yummers! I love this place! I really appreciate that they always have a no kidding gormet vegan meal on their menu!! Will go back for more as often as possible!

I do not condone meat eating, but Firefly is one place I will take my non-vegan friends, because they actually care where the meat comes from. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t think this makes it ok to serve meat but at the very least they care!

A line from their menu: All Our Meat Comes From Happy, Never Mad, Drug Free Animals;
no Hormones, Antibiotics or Crack Cocaine.

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