Mar 052011

The Therm-A-Rest ProLite Sleeping Pad is another piece of gear Jen and I used in Costa Rica and the NaPali Coast of Kauai.

I guess I rank this item as OK.  It packs small and light, which is great.  It reduces heat loss into the ground, also great.  But it ain’t so cushiony, so my bony behind and elbows and hips and such are not as happy as I’d like them to be.

Of course, it’s still a vast improvement over bigger and heavier sleeping pads.  The first military-issue sleeping pad I ever carted around was the size of a small house, and offered not much more cushion than the ProLite pad.

Nonetheless, I want more cushion and less weight, so I am going to spend a small fortune on the Therm-A-Rest Neo Air sleeping pad.  Costs as much as a house payment, but it promises to keep my bony back end a bit higher off the deck.   We’ll see how that goes and report back later.

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