Eat in New Zealand

We went into this trip with several dietary restrictions. There was the standard vegan goal, with the willingness to go vegetarian or pescatarian as necessary. Added to this were Jen’s shellfish allergy, and the need for her to avoid gluten due to a recent illness.

We found that New Zealand is a little challenging for vegans, relatively easy for vegetarians, and extremely easy for pescatarians. For those with a gluten-free diet, the country is very accommodating; every restaurant we visited had standard gluten-free options or the ability to make something gluten-free. Vegetarian and gluten-free options were clearly marked on most menus. Unlike most countries, restaurant staffs were universally familiar with the word “vegan.”

Restaurant mains averaged NZ $20 each. Draft beers ran between NZ $7 and NZ $10.

Some notes on eating in New Zealand Restaurants:
– Tipping is not expected, but accepted.
– Many places require you to place your order at the register and pay up-front. Then a number is given for you to display at the table, where a server delivers it.
– Even if you pay after eating, you will probably pay at a register. It was rare for the server to bring the bill and handle payment.
– Do not order nachos. New Zealanders don’t know what they are.