Sleep in New Zealand

We stayed in eight different accommodations in New Zealand. They were in Christchurch; Bealey near Arthur’s Pass; Coleridge Village; Queenstown; Te Anau; Stewart Island; and near the town of Alexandra in Central Otago.

Overall, we were pleased with the places we stayed. They were all clean, and their staffs were all friendly and efficient. Two were superior. Not one was a place we would never visit again. Those are pretty good statistics.

Using the United States as a benchmark, our impression of New Zealand is that its accommodations are nicer and a little less expensive. What we saw indicated a higher standard of cleanliness, maintenance, size, and furnishings. That was certainly the case for owner-operator establishments.

Throughout our travel, we saw signs for accommodations along rural roads, and hotels in even the smallest town. It appears that a decent room is never out of reach.