Spend in Spain

Spain is a reasonably priced place. At least it is where we stayed.

Near Jimena de la Frontera, we rented a very nice, two bedroom house in a rural location. We also rented a car, which we used to visit surrounding towns. We cooked for ourselves, buying groceries on the local economy, although we would occasionally eat out or have a beer at a local pub. For this, our expenses averaged less than US $100 a day. It is cheaper to live well as a tourist in this part of Spain than it is to live meanly at as a resident in most parts of America.

Our stay in Vejer de la Frontera was a bit more expensive, but not oppressively so.

Expenses for December 21: Jimena de la Frontera

Expenses for December 21: Jimena de la Frontera

Car Rental: 5.76 euros House Rental: 26 euros ($34.75 US) House Electricity: 5.71 euros Water and Such: 7.80 euros Parking in Ronda: 9.45 euros Lunch: 27.63 euros Clothing: 12.95 euros Entry Tickets to the Plaza del Toro in Ronda: 12 euros TOTAL: 107.30 euros