Jun 252011

Most Americans have not experienced a squat toilet. When I ran into one for the first time, I have to say that I was a bit afraid. But, being an infantryman in the Marine Corps, I knew a bit about squatting in the middle of the bush to answer nature’s call – so I adapted.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that squat toilets are better for you; that it’s a more natural position to do what needs to be done. Something about hemorrhoids was mentioned (am I getting too detailed?).

Outside the US, squat toilets are more common in my experience. Where they exist, it’s often to appease Western tourists.

So, which is truly better?

I’d have to say the squat toilet beats the Western toilet. It feels more natural, and is more likely to produce a clean break (again, am I getting too detailed?).

It’s particularly superior if the Western toilet isn’t self-flushing, meaning you have to toss a pail of water into it for a manual flush. That has a high chance of making the seat wet, which is a real shocker the next time around – particularly at night.

The principal exception tooth above is when you have reading material. Then the Western toilet wins, hands down (or seat down, as the case may be).

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