Nov 022011

This restaurant is located on Street 3, which is one of the main drags in downtown Battambang. It’s a small place, and could easily be missed. In addition to being a restaurant, the place deals in tours, motorbike rental, and such.

We went here for lunch, ordering vegetarian spring rolls and tom yam soup. The food was OK, I guess. Nothing remarkable. The tom yam really wasn’t what we’d call a tom yam – no lemongrass component that we could find, and no spice. It was more like a vegetable soup with pineapple thrown in for good measure.

The beer selection was limited to Angkor, Anchor, and Panther. No Thai or Laotian beers.

The cost was about 20% higher than my bellwether, The Smokin’ Pot.

The lady running the joint was very nice, and was quick to school me on some Khmer once she noticed I was trying to speak the language.

But, it looks like The Smokin’ Pot continues to be the restaurant to beat in Battambang.








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