Jan 082017

snow-peak-mini-comboThe Ti-Mini Solo Combo by Snow Peak is a one-person, titanium, cook-set for backpacking. It includes a pot, lid, and a cup.

We have used these backpacking in Australia, New Zealand, and California’s Emigrant Wilderness. We have used them kayaking in the Bahamas and Palau’s Rock Islands. We have scrubbed them with steel wool and sand, left them sitting in salt water, and heated them on gas stoves and wood campfires. They have been unaffected by any of this, save for a little outward bowing in their bottoms.

The pot is large enough to reconstitute a two-person, dehydrated meal; or make two large cups of coffee. We each carry a set, and use one to make and share coffee, and the other to make and share the meal.

Weighing just 5.5 ounces for the set and its mesh bag, and with immense utility and durability, the Ti-Mini Solo Combo is a very good addition to your kit.


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