Sep 192015

Coleman 2 Person Sleeping BagWe bought this because we were tired of freezing apart when truck camping, and it has fixed the problem.

We were using Mountain Hardware Ultralamina 45 sleeping bags – one each – that we had used on the Bibbulman Track in Australia, and in the Sequoia National Forest.  But those bags fell short of advertised warmth, even when assisted by silk bag liners. So, we decided to try a two-person bag for truck camping.

The Coleman Tandem 2 person sleeping bag has proven to be warm and comfortable during three weeks of cumulative use in the Sierra Nevada Mountains during the summer months.  We have been warm, and the bag is big enough to not be cramped (we are 5’7″ and 5’4″ in height). The bag is roughly queen in size.

There are full zippers on each side of the bag, which is convenient.

The bag is rated for 30 to 50 degrees.  In nightly temperatures that approached freezing, we were both warm with the addition of head beanie.s

We are placing the bag atop a queen size, inflatable mattress; and we are using a Cocoon travel sheet inside the bag.  The travel sheet has enabled us to keep the bag clean, and permits frequent and easy cleaning of bedding.

This is a big, heavy sleeping bag; only suitable for car or truck camping.  But it serves that purpose well, and does it for a reasonable price.


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